Where Peace is Found

For a while at the age of fourteen, I became a lonely soul. I remember for the first time how not only was I more aware of my differences, but that bit by bit, I felt more frequently excluded from my world. So clearly I can recall sitting on my bed, soaking in the sad yet beautiful melody of ‘A Song to Sing.’ Each and every note in that moment echoed my melancholy mood—and yet carried me through to a place within that knew I was not alone—at least in feeling left behind and desperate for another soul who could understand mine. By the time the song had ended, I realized I had found it somewhere in the ether of a piece of music composed by three souls who didn’t even know my name.

Today, I found myself marvelling at how this has continued to transpire. Fourteen. Years. Old. I’m now thirty-one, and I cannot even count all the struggles, emotions and ponderings Hanson has reflected back to me in their music and lyrics, no matter how complex they may be. It’s a coming home kind of peace that feels familiar yet refreshing every single time.


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