When Concerts Were Just a Dream

Late in 1998, when Hanson released ‘Live from Albertane,’ I would close my eyes while listening, imagining myself front row at a concert. Back then, seeing my favourite band live seem like an impossible dream, but one that held on tight, knowing how much I needed to get lost in each beautiful detail it conjured up within my imagination. I didn’t even know what visualization was, and yet I was a master of the technique as I drifted far away from my bedroom and inside of a packed concert venue, feeling the music in every inch of my soul, singing along and making eye contact with my heroes.  The energy felt so real that I soon had little doubt I would eventually be able to enjoy the Hanson experience. Every time I felt overwhelmed with stress or sadness, I would visit that place, carried away in what I anticipated would be a euphoric yet peaceful experience.  Five years on, I found myself at my very first Hanson concert on the day after my 18th birthday. Live in the moment with the songs that had taught me how to make my dreams come true, I knew it was only the beginning of the many magical musical experiences to come…


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