Dear Hanson

I always knew we would last. Thank you for never leaving my side on the journey, for it would be so very different without you. Because of you I continued writing past the age of 13. As a result of following the example of your giving spirits, you were the reason I believed I could give back and become a volunteer. Through every difficult chapter, your songs were my light through the darkness, and your wise words somehow exactly what I needed to hear. The lyrics you write have always brought a profound sense of understanding of and clarity in my life…something that still defies explanation. I don’t even have words for the kindness and compassion you have granted me in each of our personal exchanges. Your souls are alight with a passion such as I have never seen anywhere else. No, I am not one bit surprised that you are still thriving and living what you love, but I continue to be astounded by this magical connection we all share. You are my constant star that never wavers…and I’ll follow you forever.


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