Summer Dreams and Future Apprehensions (Chapter Six)

That summer taught me what it meant to be in a state of in between. I had those few months to reflect on what my life had been and ponder over where it may be going, and in the background of all those confusing and glorious images, I kept returning to your face and what the brief memories we shared had painted on my heart. Autumn, falling faster around me and calling to my soul with the colours I had yet to see, meant pausing those ponderings for a while to discover a little more about myself. I had nearly forgotten the words and perceptions that had been pulling on my soul, denying that I wouldn’t leave those days to gradually fade away, slowly transforming into the past. Day in and day out, I began to curse my dreamer’s weakness in navigating the land of logic. Wasn’t it always true though, that our hearts came crashing down around us eventually, no matter how mighty our resistance?


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