How a Little Heart Grew Brave (Chapter Seven)

Apart from the page, I had always been such a quiet soul. I had many complex truths clattering around in my heart, and if they didn’t keep me awake, they brought dreams; the colours and concepts so vast I never knew their entire meaning. My chest bore the burden of feeling tossed around, steadying itself somehow despite the persistent storms as I navigated my way through the edge of adulthood. I had so many fears of varying consequences built up inside—yet my longings of a dreamer remained louder than what might befall me in taking certain risks. Still, I never could have imagined how one soul could make a little, nervous, silent heart decide to act so boldly. I supposed there are callings from the universe that persist on us until we reluctantly give in rather than continue to hold our breath in the stillness and take our chances drowning. I couldn’t have ever fathomed all that bravery would teach me through what it took away…

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