If by Chance

My heart may have taken the cue
though I know not if it followed through
In these elusive stars of thought
I wonder if by chance
beneath the striking moon of intuition
something lost echoes in fear of a barren
voice stealing choices from the honest ones
and I am stillness—
not yet shifted
from my unconsciousness

Still if by chance
I’m the one surrounding and
closing myself in
having lost the innocent parts
weaved through the pureness
in which though apart—
I still carry with hopeful heart
why such needless suffering?

If by chance
unspoken intentions; a nearly unnoticed stare
gathers up in my soul, stealing dreams, taking no care—
then how might I survive
imagined speak as it holds the air…forcing silence to comply?
If by chance
heart can hold warning of its own vestige breaking
How will I run
without too much worth taking
or irrevocable forsaking?

Carrie Gilbert 2016


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