There are times when my usual practice of sitting, reflecting and analyzing until the answers couldn’t be more obvious does little good for my state of mind. Confusion insists upon visiting, stirring any logical chain of thought up until it reaches that point of no return. Then it becomes a storm, swirling around me with everything except the obvious, swaying me from any of my insights that may bring clarity rushing back towards my heart, clearing away the debris of those tricky little cobwebs crowding my subconscious. Confusion creates itself, doesn’t it? It is born the moment we chose to allow doubt to override our hopes for best intentions and the belief that we are at this moment the masters of our own little universes where all is well. We question our own ideas and yet we cling to them for dear life, all because time has taught us a little too often how hurt and loss often come for us in the most unexpected places. Right here and now, I don’t want confusion to befriend me for longer than it should. Still, as I pause and allow myself to pass a moment of silence, all I can be certain of is that it has left something amiss in my heart…


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