As We Danced (Chapter Four)

Time fell away so effortlessly in the dance—for it was made up of moments which carried me away from everything else. Pulled into its grasp so suddenly, all I found myself able to do was give in to a heart that grew closer and closer to letting go. There are times a soul comes along so magnetic, you find yourself compelled to return to their presence despite all apprehensions of the unknown. The more you open up, the more difficult it becomes to remain indifferent to their allure. Time must inevitably return, and along with it, pains visited you that I could not comprehend. I had always wanted to be a healer of hearts. Yet throughout my attempts to soothe those sorrows, I also respected your space to hold them. I turned away one day to find you outside of my world. Eventually you returned, for reasons I could have never expected…


4 responses to “As We Danced (Chapter Four)

  1. “Healer of hearts” is my own personal weakness. I sometimes think I can heal everyone’s heart and make their life better but it turns out that some people just don’t want the help. Loved this.

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