I have never really considered myself to be strong. The more years go by, the further away I feel from my days of innocent wonder and those trivial worries that often faded so easily away on the evening’s sweet summer rain. In my adult years, my heart carries around so much more than it knows how, and I often feel my knees give way under the strain of trying to comprehend my survival, under my ever layered emotions that rarely grant me rest. Despite the sensitivity in my soul, I have made friends with faith during these past couple of years, all the while knowing meeting with any kind of guarantee was uncertain. Without faith, however, I would have no pieces of this heart remaining. I need faith because my love was meant to comfort other souls who have tread the waves of the oceans which consumed me, as well as those oceans I have yet to or may never encounter. Because if I allow my star to fade out, I’ll turn off a light in the sky so that one less remains. We all need faith so as to keep the darkness of hopelessness at bay…


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