Every Once in a While (Chapter Two)

Our paths continued to cross. Isn’t it beautiful and strange how the universe steps in? The time we call every once in a while, where I spent sweet moments in your presence was changing something in me, though I had no clear knowledge of it then. I never expected that you would be so willing to accept who I was—in my youth, I felt highly self-conscious and spoke up shyly if it all. I told myself that I would be the one to remember and prepared myself for the day that you would forget. Soon though, there was no denying how well we understood each other despite being closer to strangers than friends. You listened to me, absorbed with and engaged in my ideas, and this was my most favourite little joy. I knew not what love was yet. I only knew you couldn’t be mine—your heart rested elsewhere. And still, I continued to be drawn to you…astounded by your mind and your heart. There came a point where my heart had no choice but to come a little closer. How would you respond to my friendship? While my doubt-filled mind feared, my soul knew…


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