When She’s Feeling a Little Heavy

The morning comes upon her too suddenly, shocking her straight out of the magic of her dreams. When she’s feeling a little heavy, the whispers of her heart are not so easy to trust. She becomes enraptured by the tales her demons tell her, for there is a comfort to their elements of truth—to let them go would mean stepping fully into her own power. She ponders over the limits of her strength—can she dare to stand so exposed? Her heart has a strange and ever shifting dance to it, small and timid as that dance feels, it is nevertheless one that asks of her to endure so much and yet allows her to endure it. High noon comes with the same sweet promises which have been forever made by the sunlight which awaits a thousand little beliefs. Her concerns over further self destruction must now come to an end, words must be delivered on the page which sits waiting for those hungry, eager souls so much like hers.


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