The Hardest Hurt

Have you ever dreamed up your world in this blend of what it once was and what it could be? Did it ease that tiny ache that hangs around in your heart with sweet relief, but then just as quickly, the hurt of what could never be swooped in and stole your joy? If you have ever held on to the hardest hurt, despite the numerous bright days in which you’ve have dwelled, you know how it’s a pain that brings both frustration and guilt. So desperately can you reach out for reasons to be grateful that you don’t allow sadness to surface when it needs to, and then your heart is weary from working too hard at being strong.

You soon realize that the flood will come for you no matter what you do. The hardest hurt will resurface until every wave has broken and washed away. Maybe you’ll learn something new with each time it sneaks up on you. All you can do is feel the emotions when they are raw while somehow keeping your resolve intact. Every day won’t be an easy one. You’re learning to bring love back to yourself.


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