Where Souls Connect

Sadness. We are made to believe that our world is encompassed deeply within it these days. There have been too many tragedies this year, and this is a reality. I believe, however, that it is so important to remember how much we mean to each other and that we need each other to thrive and to shine. This is something we should never allow ourselves to forget.

Sharing our stories and braving our truths are where souls connect. When in hiding, it was as though my spirit were frozen, mid suspension, full to the brim with feelings I refused to give name to. When witnessing so much crumbling however, one begins to realize the importance of identifying those thoughts we think we’re alone in. We, my friends, are each other’s answers.

Risking the potential shame that rides on the heels of being misunderstood is a worthy cause that joins our hearts together, creating a connection of love that can never be broken.


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