To Those Who Remind Me

This post is dedicated to those who remind me that my perseverance has meaning. Without the influence of your voices and the impact of your encouragement, I would remain lost, overwhelmed and buried in my million and one doubts. Your timing is often impeccable, confirming to me that there is still a window open for my songs to be born and to soar—and that to rush or push their landing with my too high expectations will never assist me in the completion of any of my missions, great or small.

I have been consistently blessed in my thirty years on this earth to have met many individuals who have taught me invaluable lessons and given me strength where I otherwise may have lost it. Although I have been too trusting with those who turned out not to serve my highest good, the others that drew me in and proved time and time again that their presence in my life was a gift beyond measure have made up for those experiences.  Beyond this, as I grow older they have caused me to realize how inspiration is more often than not a mutual exchange.

To those who remind me I can feel defeat, but ultimately not give in to it, I thank you. You drive me to continue to create, to steadily forge on and build my dreams until I become the master of them.


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