Summer Drives

Driving in the backseat of a family’s vehicle used to be my place to sort out my thoughts or conjure up my most imaginative daydreams. There was a freedom to those outstretched roads, especially in the summer months, that I could never find anywhere else. As long as the wheels were turning, I was able to leave my daily routine behind me. In the days of no classes or work, I could easily imagine myself travelling on for thousands of miles without turning around, becoming lost in unfamiliar places.

I would choose my favourite albums, headphones in as I watched the scenery pass me by. If I were sleepy, then I would close my eyes, letting the movement relax my tired bones.  Lyrics would pass the time and help me sort through a myriad of feelings I hadn’t bothered with just yet. Sometimes those songs, as they accompanied me on my journey, transformed me into a stronger person. In the midst of those miles, I had the chance to watch her endless dance across the clouds. I had finally found her magic. Sadly, returning home I always lost her once my feet became rooted in the stillness.

Though night drives were rarer, they held their own dreams and mysteries. I never outgrew my fascination with how the moon appeared to follow us, always peeking out from under the trees again despite every twist and turn we took. I knew I was being assured by the heavens that I was on the right path and that all would work out in my favor. The stars danced and sparkled to its left and right, telling their tales of hope and the adventures awaiting me. I believed in that night sky when it cast its spell over me. Arriving home, the magic wore off as soon as I released a sigh.

It is rare that I venture out on the road these days. I miss those summer drives…


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