I Don’t Want to Be Afraid

I don’t want to be afraid anymore. My words have always been so dear to me, and sometimes sharing them outside of the veil of poetry can be rather daunting. I had found a great deal of comfort in the hiding, knowing this kept me safe from the harsh judgements of others. Over the past few weeks, however, speaking up has become far more important to me than what the risks might mean to my sensitive heart. Sensitive hearts contain a magic that the world needs more of. They speak to what breaks us all, and show us how this also builds us up. They weave connections that spread from hand to hand, voice to voice, pen to pen. This is the place where great change is born.

I don’t want to be afraid to explore subjects I am still hesitating to discuss in this blog. I excused myself from delving too deep by assuming that I’d receive a great deal more ignorance than I would understanding. I am now learning that I have no control over how others choose to receive my message. I promise to be a braver composer of words. Letting go is the only way to separate oneself from the fear. Let’s take that leap together.


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