Time and Healing

How much is time a factor in easing the hurt that befalls us? This is a question I’ve examined quite often throughout the years. Pain tends to come and go in my world, and I never know what might cause it to resurface again. I have a great deal of difficulty with forgetting and not dwelling on what once was. Time truly does move swiftly ahead however, and I have experienced that stabbed in the heart kind of feelings slowly turn to heaviness, then to a dull ache, then to occasional pricks and pains every now and again. While this doesn’t mean that what wounded you won’t always be present, I think this signifies growth and learning in one form or another.

Hurt changes us, but we can change ourselves and in turn change others. Time allows us the space to create art or hope or answers out of the pieces of ourselves we’ve kept intact. The more of it we have, the more we can understand—and when understanding is shared, so is a new path. It’s a path that, although it won’t unfold all at once, shows us reason after reason to discover our whys, and to hold one another’s hands along the way.

While I think that time does heal, to me, it is simply an ingredient in the recipe. Healing is a journey that last our whole lives, one that involves all the intricate details of the marks we leave and how we love. It encompasses all the ways in which we are brave, and how we chose to simply be. The daring to live all of this sets us free no matter how much hurt or joy we are holding onto in this moment.


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