Love is Present

There is a great strength among us at this time. I am thinking about where I usually find it: a favourite passage in a book, a treasured memory, a song that has transformed me—but this is something more. This is a power that has been hidden away for a long time, a chapter that was once conceived, then put away and never written. Suddenly, the need to be the message and the messenger cannot be ignored. Our words and our creations are wasted if we don’t share them for the purpose of healing. This is a healing that sadness can only survive in our hearts so long without. We need to pour the whispers of our souls out to the world how only we can express them, because connections keep our hearts beating. Connections spread across oceans, time and differences. They are born in those brief yet beautiful moments where another hand makes the choice to reach out, another voice chooses to speak up, when teamwork isn’t planned, yet naturally unfolds—when we are compelled to live from a place of love.

So if you are struggling, if you are feeling powerless in the face of what seems to be endless shadows following us all, please remember this: Love is present.


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