I want to ask you, should you ever meet me and take notice of my slow and awkward pace, should you hear me speak and wonder why I sound unclear or if I perhaps cannot comprehend, reconsider your first impressions. Ask before you assume. I understand everything that you do, and I feel the same emotions.  I am not in pain, and my life is not difficult. I am not brave for living with this because it is all I have ever known. I am independent and hopeful and a dreamer yearning to make the world a better place. Yes, I happen to be a sensitive soul, but my disability has nothing to with that. Cerebral palsy comes in different forms and the effects aren’t the same for everyone.  For over thirty years, I have been fighting to prove myself to others, and although what they think shouldn’t take up that much space in my mind, it’s a strong frustration of mine that often re-emerges in the face of ignorance.

I am not really saying anything I haven’t said before, however I am determined to keep spreading my message.  I ask for your trust in me to contribute more than I need. I ask you to know that I am my words more than I am this body or this voice. Please allow me to share that. Please remember that I am aware and awake and that what really sets me apart is that I see souls before the outside picture. I always do my best to reserve judgement until I know the story behind the smile. This is how I align myself closer with the truth, tell stories, and feel the honest emotions conveyed in a song. I ask. I ask for clarity, reason, detail. All I ask of you is to start seeing others from another place. You’re bound to learn. It may not be life changing, and it just may be, but my, will you learn…


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