I have no words for you to adequately describe the ache I have felt in my heart this week. While I cannot fully comprehend all that my LBGQT friends have had to endure, not having stood in their shoes, I am, as a member of the disabled community, no stranger to ignorance and discrimination. In the aftermath of such acts of hate, I am painfully reminded that so many minds and hearts remain asleep to the depths and beauty that lies within their fellow human being, and at times, even within themselves. We have to awaken now, and stay there. We have to stay together in solidarity and celebrate one another’s voices. We have so much to learn and so many stories that haven’t been told, but they need to be told because how else are we going to change lives?

Perhaps it can be a difficult truth to swallow, but we are all brothers and sisters and we who live our truths and shine our lights, we who use our hearts for the good of humanity, who just be without harming another living soul—my friends we are the light that encompasses this universe in joy. We are needed. We are valued. We were born to give, to better the world simply because we exist in it.

I exist. I have been denied respect, ignored, undervalued and overlooked because I don’t appear to fit the puzzle, though I don’t even know who created it. But I can’t be dismissed, because although it may not be reflected in my speech, I have a voice. When I reach the absolute height of my frustration, when I feel so invisible in the chaos, I am so grateful to poetry for dancing me through my song, tumbling and weaving my thoughts into lines and images that tend to bring at least one more person than was there before towards understanding.

The people who have changed my life are unique. It is the unique ones that have most beautiful hearts, and often those are the hearts that have dealt with the most pain. These are the storytelling souls, exchanging truths, the helpers who heal each other’s wounded hearts. When darkness seems to reign, reach out to them, find strength in whatever small particle of the journey you’ve both been familiar with at different points in your respective paths. Let’s connect there, daring to shine, to dream, to reach for the incredible unknown that waits, an unknown that will never tire of waiting. Because love my friends, when we remember ourselves, will never come to an end…


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