Awake, Awake

Even though last night the lightening kept me awake, it helped to remind me of the beauty of the dance. The striking, bright white beams flashed quickly, still their performance was an astonishing one. Led by the thunder’s bold beat, they turned the night sky into art, born of the light of life. I was awake, awake, with no room for slumbering and escaping the true substance of my thoughts. Instead of engaging in the entertainment of a computer screen, I made friends with the skies of those hours past midnight. The crackling and shots of bright were the perfect reflection of my dreams. Today, I am a little more aware of the lovely pieces of oneself that are left behind in the storm. There’s a gift in the restlessness, a calmness within the disruptiveness of a weary state. Maybe awake…awake, maybe there I embrace what is with less concern for what I worry might be…


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