Asking of an Afternoon

The life of the light, a tremendous sight
wrought from tempting tremulous night
The lines of love, written in the tense of perhaps
leave before ending, lingering where tension snaps
The asking of an afternoon
too much longing, speaking silence much too soon
An illusion of the seclusion of desperate rains
tugging at the heart until the drops beat again
Confused I remain, wanting to stay without leaving
Still if afternoons aren’t meant for the aforementioned  
why can’t I release such broken yet calming reflections?
Will I write a self-made respite should I bravely question?
This life made of light
transforming in reply to my sigh too soon  
The asking of an afternoon…   

Carrie Gilbert 2015  

Where the Space Left Us

Where the space left us
Where is non-existence?
Where the space left us
too much to carry, never the time
a crystal moon beyond a dream, never right
The skies of days gone by are all that’s ours
They are but a disguise of what we had to lose
invented in a melody composed and recomposed, so desperate through and through
Where the space left us
I never want to drown again
No more room left for an empty ocean, in waves we anticipate, lost 
battered thoughts, misused memories, begging the tide not to come in 
I forsake and forgo the tears
forgo the precious years
holding our dream captive, yet ingrained—
with no witnesses
of that tragically, beautifully transforming place where the space left us…
Carrie Gilbert 2015  

Slumber Dream

These are the sullen times
dangerous for the space left in my mind
Thoughts spin their web, memories create my bind
Some recollections tarnished, still some days gone
or so the ticking, crooked hand of time
binding mine
would have me believe
when in life’s steady slumber dream
I conceive a heart at home
This slumber dream, some sullen days
steals serene dreams away
I cling to warmth from those years gone by
here far too much consumed within
a self who never took enough in
or realized how souls on fire never dim
I fall down, around, down, I turn and turn around…
I fall down, down, down, into some shadows of love
fleetingly free, enough is not enough
Something regarding the parting and restarting entraps this heart…
These are the sullen times, birthing the slumber dream
I won’t close my eyes, I won’t long for sleep
I won’t long for sleep…   

Carrie Gilbert 2015   

The Outskirts of Serenity

Where skies capture silence
and oceans keep quiet
lost stars are igniting me
I awaken, I forget how to breathe
exchange my heartbeat for tomorrow’s dream
Where does this cloud’s melody want to send me?
The days all end on the edge of my unthreaded tapestry
Questions, wisps of wonders just on the outskirts of serenity
Traces of fading light, following them
…are they waiting for me?
Carrie Gilbert 2015