My Alter

I’ll leave the questions at my alter
for time to answer
for the waves churn to each rhythm of my
heart’s erratic emotions
And they question not, only persist in their existence to reply
And so I leave you my love and maybe
in your eyes, no sacrifice has taken place
but this gift breaks the rift
my silent love…even if only I feel the shift
I’ll stand until the water breaks and I must fall
A prayer from my knees does not shame me
for it is from there I will be lifted
like a child, newly born again to hope
and I’ll speak my worry not in long phrases
unless they find reprieve for another, and silence cannot fill blank pages
I’ll leave the sadness at my alter
perhaps then I may understand
why love means that pain lingers after
and can steal hope so that only emptiness matters
I’ll lay my heart, unbearably bare
out for the wind to carry to that unknown somewhere
where love is waiting
in quiet starlight that lifts the curtain of despair
And in exchange for love’s heaviness
open wings so feather light will render me effortless
to embrace love’s boundless, unfaltering care…

Carrie Gilbert 2015

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