only find

my love

of such a ghostly manner
with your display glass heart
my world you shattered
you never even heard the break
only repeated the witness account
line for blurry line—now I wait for the shout
that fills you up and leaves me out
sadness took my love
anger broke his spirit up
existence yes—his heart is not the same
tell me does a single soul comprehend my pain?
only find another love, this is all they ever say
for it’s so easy to forget, when the beauty was a lie for shame
memories back and forth they sway—but I must tie them up, toss them away
my love
of such a ghostly manner
did you leave me or save me? oh what’s the matter
with reckless minds such as mine?
i’ll never ever learn that you were the worst written line
only find another love, without the darkness to his soul
lift my heart back up, illusions will never ever know
learn love’s truth
forget the burn although it hurts
my love
don’t leave in such a ghostly manner
spirit in the skies only allow me to find
love that releases, not this sweet revelries’ bind…
Carrie Gilbert 2014

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