Rushing Wave

Rushing wave
in joy you meet the shore on which I wait
one second separate from the silence, where I am caught in repose
tumbling over bare toes…over thoughts, now exposed…
Rushing wave
you bring me back to some lighter space of being
in tranquility surrender—letting go for quiet healing
to an ocean so vast, still knowing even these waters cannot surpass
the rushing of an unconditional love—but from you, there it visits—
so that we might remember that we are droplets composing the rain
falling into this waking flood again and again
Rushing wave
a reflection of heart’s connection
the beauty and the brokenness of my divine light
You wrap the skies around my breaths
send them sailing through the night
returning them to me in this wonderment of starlight  
I still hear the music to which my heart delights
little magical wave, when imagination closes my eyes
You break through the chaos in my mind
again and again, you break upon me, breaking me open…
With the rushing wave, just let it in…
the love, the love, the love
Ever reaching—
I must hold on…  
Carrie Gilbert 2014

Words Consume

Somewhere…lifting my heart

well spent by the search for courage
I run for slower waters
Fighting against my shame, embracing my longings
that expand, then shorten my breath, that fill up and tighten my chest
And from the changing shades moving swiftly and nonetheless painfully within me
I lay out my burdens, no choice left but to share
I tear out my fears and hold them near and in a nightmare, of time unaware
I shout—this is slumber’s breakdown
I must turn
I must forget that I conceived myself a burden
and reconstruct these bended lines
Still first I must address the sullenness behind the shadow’s lies
Somehow…my heart beats create sound again
I am free to be unchained
This chart, mapped upon a nervous heart
has ever bound me to its course
And I must resign to words—formed in the guise of courage
Until courage is no longer my guise…
Until the words consume my being…
Carrie Gilbert 2014

Fifty-six Minutes

There were no more dreams then
when we found each other between midnight skies
I let you know the sound of resonance
before the next heartbeat could be felt
…I knew that all beauty would banish before the hour
I lifted myself without trying
I had no other choice with how the time went
because sleep only submerges you in the running
and you swallow in the fear of this temporary suspension
for there is not much else—and no escaping ourselves
The hearts we own have no hold upon the hour
The minutes will threaten our half hearted resolve
Our spirits will be captured in the rapture of the past
holding false, impossibly true, fading slow yet all too fast…   
Carrie Gilbert 2014

Waiting Morning

In strength

I cast myself against a waiting morning
and I let go
Patience takes a while to know
when the dreams of your heart have made room for mourning
So I steady myself
I draw myself inside of an empty morning
and I refuse to turn against the wind calling
tempted to give dreaming to sleep
I dare to wait upon the mystery life will always keep…
Carrie Gilbert 2014

Reminds Me

This rain reminds me that I live

and if nothing else, breathe the words
out of my world to expand some part of the sky
that paints us all in the universe –
I am part of the tapestry of why
A heart with lines creased with pain to turn some sorrow
pave some ground amid the faded sound
of a quiet, invisible heartache…
This rain reminds me that I live
though this storm my resolve could break…
Carrie Gilbert 2014

Ruminations, Hesitations

Drunk on weary ruminations
in my quiet hesitations
I befriend the sullen sight
of this uncertain hour, this inexplicable plight
And I recall a rose at midnight
that hid from me its thorns
and brought me to rest just before daylight
A dancing fleeting imagery, hurt in the how reminding me
…I am together and apart from myself
These answers depend solely on my reflection…
I need this unknown space
this tragic place
disappearing somewhere in between the dreams and time
Is time truly how we define the length and the strength of perceived pain?
Or could pretending be the one choice to regain?
I’ll be blessed and broken—
perhaps unburdened from all unspoken
Drunk on weary ruminations
in my quiet hesitations…
Carrie Gilbert 2014

Our Fortune

Our fortune and theirs—lies not in the trappings of fame
but every beat of this whimsical wonder
that lives in the music
again and again
It is the bliss of the experience, time after time
the joy of revival—we cherish the find…
Our fortune is how blessed we have been with you
taking our burdens though we can’t explain
how your presence releases the hurt within us
afire, alive, afire, alive are our hearts
lifted into the melody
Our fortune is in the words that connect through the notes
sifting so gently, following our lives
We awake, a part of all you have created
with no recollection of what composed the thread
still we’ve dreamed along the songs of your souls so long…
The magic you unfold over our stormy seas
reminds us we are here to be free
We are left to awe how it came to be
how you three so perfectly reflect we…
Our fortune isn’t in the latest trend
but in the complex connection you’ve sustained and strengthened
with us throughout the years
Our fortune resides in the deeply rooted soul of your passion
for it is this, and this alone, that has ensured your gift everlasting…
Carrie Gilbert 2014