My Impossibility

Dreaming in my impossibility

oh surreal feeling
You were my tapestry
with colors unrevealing
but they were so beautiful, when they finally
saw the light
still they were made of a love that wouldn’t last
You were my impossibility
taking the very best from me
when love refused to be the way
I walked alone in those endless days
I was an impossibility
in my own distorted view of a woman unworthy
Oh bittersweet song
like a quiet death in me
Forgetting my impossibility
oh the time forsaken
Why name this tragedy
when we only bleed through to awaken?
You were my most precious wish
Oh how illusions
illuminate our misplaced hopes…
Tonight, I’ll sleep away my impossibility
for a calming heart—
it was but a moment reeling
The end was long ago—
There’s nothing more I need to know…
Carrie Gilbert 2014

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