Soundless Whisper

A whisper that never reaches our ears
Still, visiting our eager hearts,
it rests us slowly beyond all our fears
and tells of undiscovered remedies—revealing where we start
and never end—a wondrous voice to welcome our tears
A soundless whisper in the song of the rain
A note lost to the scurry and in the worries you ruminate
Close your eyes, can you distinguish the truth from the lies
you lament, then consent until you can’t conceive of yourself
as a light filled child…? Welcome the whisper, don’t fear rain’s reconcile
 A whisper that might have been your own breath
Though darling, on the kiss this breeze has left
how could you surmise  a knowing more profound than this feeling?
 You already love, with a heart so unencumbered
And know how to be—so let go and listen…
for the thunder has already risen…
Carrie Gilbert 2014

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