Become, I want to run

I long to show myself I’m enough
with the light that wavers through me
as I attempt to shine it against my own tumbled seas
I lose and gain strength, wave pattern disturbed
I only long to be strong, as the night carries on—to rest assure
I will become
Become, my song has not been sung
A treble note, a major few, too many minor, the flat cut me through
But I cannot be through, though I fear being true to the notes that play
through my soul, for what if they won’t stay?
What if my message never translates through
the ocean blue, and refuses to resonate?
Is it better to become when I might fail to fulfill,
what drives my soul? Will I stay still?
Become, I want to trust
though I can’t tell quite what creates self love
when I barely know how to embrace the abnormalities of me
except in another world, within a parting dream
Become, my words are not of tongue
they are the road by which I run
I would speak them if I thought that was enough
if I thought you could listen without giving something up
I lose and gain strength, wave pattern disturbed
Don’t seek more from me, or tell me what I deserve
Become, I want to run…
I might never be enough
…I want to run…  
Carrie Gilbert 2014

5 responses to “Become

  1. You run and jump and fly through your writing, Carrie. You are already more than enough. My prayer is for many to read and be touched and encouraged by your beauty through your beautiful words. ♥

  2. Heaven what a blessing you have been to me today…I'm going through writer's block at the moment and your words are so encouraging. ❤

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