Love (Believe Now)

Hear me now in the everglades of your heart

The beat is the sound of a forest, that endless us of creation
Do…be yourself—
know the way you move is love
and we will forever be more than ever enough
From our highest heights of spirit aligned, dancing our flame elevation
together we form the fire, ever expanding and consciously we will conspire
to rearrange the ways we ponder under the day’s new sun
We need to remember, each day’s a new one
Hear me now in the caverns of night’s ocean
as your emotion mirrors the motion of the waves
There’s laughter, love and light—these aren’t above us
and your home is my own, in this delightful dance that we share
Be my ever present; I’ll be yours forevermore
Trust yourself, it truly is for your very best to believe
If only you’ll let go…wonder by wonder you’ll achieve
Feel me now in the endlessness of your infinite spirit
how your essence gives and gives and gives
Draw your strength from where your passion lives
Feel your light permanent, a heart so heaven sent—
a gift beyond measure is in every heart present
Stay on course, for your joy is a matter of course
when you cease to think more than you dream
Dreaming’s always such a sweet beginning…
Believe love NOW—
for we’ve never been apart
Let us join our hands, continue to embrace in love
Our acts and words of creation serve in celebration
Together we can lift the world to jubilation
Can you feel the love in all you do?
For you are love, reflected back to you…
Carrie Gilbert 2014

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