For Each Small Star You Ignite

Reach within and the truth will carry you

The words you long to say serve to enchant you
Delight, delight in each small star you ignite
and don’t burn them out, before daylight
Have the patience, for your heart will show you
Have faith in each dream designed through you
Be the love that your soul translates
for no other soul speaks it quite your way
Hope through the night and your heart will carry you
Your strength is the answer when time has torn through
your plans and you feel your world is outside of your hands
Remember each breathe you take, the moment was your choice to make
Let the thought go and your love will carry you
over and above each wall, never to tarry, only to follow through
Love is the song that echoes through you
to keep listening, to keep singing, is all that you must do…
Carrie Gilbert 2014

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