Lesson Two- Hold On to Your Imagination

Creating my own world has been my remedy for struggle ever since I can remember.  As a child, daydreams took me out of my physical reality and allowed me to dance as I truly was—a happy girl who lived and loved with her whole heart. In my musings and reveries, I was not only strong—I was confident and free, unbound by the chains that my birth had created for me. I cared only for the song that I knew in my heart, the one that knew she was in harmony with the world if only they would gain a little perspective. That little girl grew older, and sometimes her imagination didn’t feel like enough to carry her because she wasn’t a child anymore and was supposed to grow out of it. She suppressed it in an attempt to solidify a place in the world, but it refused to leave her alone. Realizing that the only solution was to use it to paint her own version of the universe, she quietly relented.

Whenever I felt like I would never be understood, my imagination brought understanding home and encouraged my heart to create a space in which it could grow.

I never let go of my imagination, and sometimes it feels as though we live in a world that would highly discourage this. But when you think about it, make believe stories are how most of us escape the pain; whether this is through a novel, a film or a TV show. The gift of escaping into another world is a magical one that gives us hope if only for a short while that we might be heroes or heroines in our own lives, that of course we can break through if the characters we love have faced even greater enemies and trials and wound up more self-assured, braver and stronger in the end. There’s a trick in this you see—because if we can invest in the worlds that others create to the point where we almost believe them, to the point where we become emotionally invested in the lives of fictional characters, why not imagine life as we would want it for ourselves?

To become lost in a daydream is not always a passive activity. Sometimes, this is all that you might have the energy to do with your day. Still, it can be such a useful first step in achieving your goals.  It can distract from the frustration of the moment and offer encouragement from your heart reminding you of all you were meant to be. I would like to believe that you couldn’t conceive what wasn’t possible for you. Today I write this to remind myself of that, but most of all to encourage you.

Hold on to your imagination. Don’t rush to leave the magic behind, for there are so many ways it can serve you. I could have decided to quit being a daydreamer so long ago, but I know that I wouldn’t be the same kind of a writer, or survivor, that I have become today. My heart and my voice will always need that little bit of pixie dust to me remind me how to shine.


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