Where the Old Man Sits

Where the old man sits

I pause
my thoughts leaving the present moment
as I remember all old men are
to a young girl growing up
to a woman carrying their wisdom
understanding it more
as she lives the words beyond a child’s comprehension
Where the old man sits
I watch
as a grown man joins him
They talk so amicably
…as only loving families do
and mine is an unexpected moment of realization
that the old men who sit in my life
now occupy two empty chairs
When the old man smiles
I smile
in honour of the stories, struggles and strengths
I’m sure he’s shared with his loved ones too
I send my silent wish to the grown man
that he might pause too
cherish this moment…
When my father is that old man
I pray I remember—
Hold his hand as often as I can…
Carrie Gilbert 2013

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