Love’s Dance

Let us walk together

forever is always here
Let bravery find the answers
therein lies the path to Ever After
In a moment you can be
in the heart of sweet tranquility
Though to those shadows you retreat
love gives you all the courage you need
…to return where the journey brought you
 Sadness in any state could never undo
the gifts your heart has already bestowed
just trust your heart and all it knows
Let us shine together
always is forever here
Let imagination show you all you’re after
live to embrace, to dance, to capture
…the image of this love displayed
in colors only designed to you, colors that will change
this waiting, wavering world  
wanting to welcome the invitation of their souls
…to be more intricate, to live in this Oneness
The bruises they have borne may hold them back from this
still the wonders that time can entrance…
Eventually ensure you and I…all of us—remain a part of Love’s dance!
Carrie Gilbert 2013

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