To This World Be (Love)

Where are we in this world?

I ask you, where is our place?
This is a dance of strength
we have to use it to our best
The footfalls we make, may not always find rest
Who are we of this world?
Presence and waiting dreams
that have finally found their place
their place in the light of a once languished, now cascading flow
that could so easily be this life for you who know
We must fight with weary eyes
and ride on the breeze of beautiful nights—
Nights of magic, nights of wonder
Don’t let go, let the movement take you under
Do not escape the world
With your words be the escape that sets it free
Express the love born to you
because with every little note you make it new
Where are we in the sunset?
A tapestry of where the blue, orange and red met
A star or two for you, ‘neath the purple hue
don’t cry for it, or try…
just comply to this wish….and you have what it takes to fly!
Carrie Gilbert 2013

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