A song for a drive
you made that kind of exchange many times
Proud to be off key was your preferred brand of humour
and a heart that needed no voice
because in jest and evening rest
your presence meant enough,
and somehow told everything…

I remember that young man in a brown tinted picture
I imagine those long days on the railway line
how you loved one woman

and kept four girls, waiting out the track light…logging in time.

…You see, yours was a light that never burnt out…
Yes it was stubborn, yes it was prideful when you were called out
but your words, insistent, persisted a whisper to a shout
and though I was patient by your bed side
you would not pass by a comment on my silence
Like a hat worn everywhere you went
the last word was a part of your outfit.

Still there were little truths you couldn’t deny
one I’d behold each time I came by
A sign on the wall read
“An old crow and a cute chick nest here”
Pup, she never let you forget it
even now, I know you’ll try to outwit

Thanks for knowing her strength

and keeping her song through years and words long
You must have loved right all along
To begin your days in heaven with a birthday song…

Carrie Gilbert 2013

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