Win Lose

This life is a win lose kind of love
If you can recognize the blessing
You are more than heart enough
Stop suppressing, start expressing
Never forgetting
Creation is your constant from above
We imagine love as fantastical
Trying to be more beautiful
Forgetting with each new dawn
How love’s our home, love’s our song
The pain deepens to disdain
Our boundless spirit sunk in refrain
With all the false truth of worthy there contained
And in the restless hour, we can’t find our power
Though we possess it as certain as our name
Until you can cry, scream for a start
Break down, let it out, before you forget
…You can batter my heart, shatter my heart
But it won’t bruise if I can help it…
Let sadness breathe to remember
Though life is a win lose kind of love
Your heart forever holds it
Stop suppressing, don’t question they were wrong
Love’s our home, love’s our song…
Carrie Gilbert 2013

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