Forgotten Secret

When you want to reach so far

Invisible twists of fate
This illusion you create
So swirling thoughts you can sedate
Disregard the image before it breaks
Silent sleep bends the heart before it wakes
With eyes open you forget…
But with eyes closed…you remember the secret
Carrie Gilbert 2013

This Far

I won’t take another breath

This driving rain will not contain me
I keep feeling not a chance is left
But this leaving will not keep me
I’ve become so spent in my fighting
Wondering when this tightening
Of my heart will reach its peak
When driving ceases, I won’t know this, until I am that which I seek
I hold, I hold, I stumble, crumble countless times
I hold, I hold, I shake and I break, I break through all over again and find
…time and toll have taken all they will from me
And yet they prolong the pathos to my heart
Never releasing me, bearing undo misery
Will I go this far and still not cease?
All I ever truly know is
For a dreamer…
…it is impossible to relinquish belief…  
Carrie Gilbert 2013

Imagination Line

Time and again they let go

So unaware of what the dreamers know
Her voice is born into the night
Her words transforming this darkness to light—
Just around the forgotten bend to the end
Effortlessly floating, across the imagination line
Each day we gather courage and create
While on the corner, fear makes them wait
A bridge arises in burnt out minds
Disappointment holds in their hearts a lie
That reaching means only falling in the end
‘Cause through the flames they couldn’t see the forgotten bend
That waits to lead their gift across the imagination line
Most days he wants to vanish in the wind
Weary of his words, he silences them again
The inspiration he had born once saved a life
Still he can only count the pages left to write
But in that moment where he opens his eyes
A small white star shines above the imagination line
Each day we gather courage and create
While on the corner, fear makes them wait …
Carrie Gilbert 2013

Light Igniting Me

There’s a lack of expression

Thoughts appearing, leaving in vain, so unexplained
Time is one more step ahead of me
Of doubts and brokenness, I can’t break free
Just a step into your world
And my heart has so much room to breathe
These harmonies bring back my dreams unfurled
I couldn’t rewind them if I tried
Your willingness to make it happen revives this passion inside
Your dedication to the reverberation makes me want to be
‘Cause something in you gets me higher
And I can’t say just what it is
Like the lightning strikes the spire
You inspire me to live
And if I’m giving up
You’ll never try too much
To lift my faith to where it needs to be
You may not realize it in the moment
But this light’s igniting me
‘Cause something in you gets me higher
And I can’t say just what it is
Like the lightning strikes the spire
You inspire me to live…
Carrie Gilbert 2013

Fallen Wing

When you refuse to breathe

Your voice won’t let you sing
Dark doubts restrict your reach
Left broken with a fallen wing
Take those violet eyes and rise above the night
No one could burn out such passionate light
Though it may flicker in unrelenting winds
It remains stained to your soul when your heart bleeds within
When you refuse to dream
You fade…from feelings to numbing
When today escapes, take tomorrow and believe
Braver dreamer, halfway off the ground, you’ll fly again from fallen wing…
Carrie Gilbert 2013

Misshapen Heart

A colourful question

Of a misshapen heart
You wanted sweet sympathy
Instead of giving sweet charity
You disguised the lines, traced the pencil marks in fine
These skies, too much of a beautiful surprise
Exposed the displaced denial in your eyes
A wasted song
Composed by misshapen heart too long
You disregarded all purpose apart from loneliness
For which I was your quiet comforter
Misshapen heart, convincing guise of a dreamer
You could never cherish the heart of a believer…
A colourful question
Of a misshapen heart
Still and unanswered
Barely beating, only breathing…
Your sole source of art…
Carrie Gilbert 2013

Voice (Lightness of Spirit)

You lift up my spirit
Now it’s so light
That my heartache’s a lost dream
I’m falling beneath it
In your voice
Just a voice filling a room
But yours is more than a voice
It breaks through all the noise
It reminds me of choice
How we only have our own
That held together in purpose
I am never alone
Your voice calls me home
All of us one heart
All of us belong
In the wake of the making of a song
From that voice
More than just a voice…
Carrie Gilbert 2013