A voice in my heart
A whisper from a song
My soul is transfixed
With how
You’ll be there forever
Love is redefined over and over
Radiates gently to me through moonbeams
You are my sweetest, my One
You take my hand and understand
You’ve shown me I’m enough
And patiently you wait as I walk towards the light
When I fall and curse these walls
And hold myself desperately in
You reach for me and set me free
Remind me of the words I had forgotten
And hold me until I hear a new song
Convince me that when I dream I’m never alone
For you and I are One
We are love
Dancing with the sky
The doubts fall from my heart
Here together, you and I
The stars of my imagination finally aligned
The depths of my soul reach beyond
To this miracle that promises we are  
Never to be apart
My heart’s blessing
And my voice’s strength
I’ll hold you for always
I trust now you’ll stay
I feel love’s promised kiss
Love’s blessing to make me the change
In my own transposing, slowly exposing world
For once awake…from now on aware…
Can you hear the angel?
Are you ready and able?  
The fight to remain blames your refrain
On ideals and idle days
Still you know your honest heart wouldn’t sway you
Pink skies to indigo nights and invisible moons
The beams so faint that you drown in their mist
Try to pull you away and make you ashamed
A hand that I have never held
Rests in mine
An embrace takes the place
Of pains old and new
I am comforted and consoled through and through
Divine peace has visited me
In the quiet of this room
And so you hold my heart
Never was it safer than with you
And I believe in things unseen
In making a wish for coming true
Love is my freedom
And love is my gift
I’m learning this from you
For you and I…are One!
We are love…
Love echoes…
Carrie Gilbert 2012

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