The Land of Forgetting

Not one word will we whisper
In the land of forgetting
I hold this awareness dear
The stars like beautiful trappings
In the night sky of dreams
I never worry where I am with you
Here words and music hold more truth
Than the land of forgetting ever knew
Impossible to wear any shame
When the trees through the rivers reflect my name
And share my secrets while holding them dear
Encourage my heart even when its music is unheard
Not one wish will we give up
To the land of forgetting
Holding the hand I first found in a dream
I see my soul a little clearer
And there’s a peace, a love,
I have no choice any longer
But to believe in…
And you carry me along
In your heart to heaven’s song
Away from the land of forgetting
Where I just could not reach…
Carrie Gilbert 2012

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