Do You Know?

Do you know I love you?
I really pray sometimes, these nights won’t keep me under as they do
The wind is fierce, and it fights my heart
Shifts a dream and wish far too many worlds apart
Do you know I hear you?
It’s so quiet, still I know
Because this feeling’s truth
There’s too much to feel that I can’t just hold
Without release
The words will reach, even if it’s only me
That I have spoken to

Do you know I have a lot of love?
A lot of love to give
You could be one of the only few who do
And sometimes it spins around my soul
So that it doesn’t know where to land
I can’t keep it waiting
My vision creates nothing in hesitating
My unconscious is recognizing
What my heart needs to follow through

Do you know that I want
To be near that place too?
Where the light I possess
Shines so easily through?
Where and why did I let myself fade?
I must listen to the angels; absorb each word they have to say….

Carrie Gilbert 2012


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