Let There Still Be

Have you ever felt
Like you had nowhere else
But a parting line
Where the wrong words were left?
And the ache that knows you well
Wants to break you
Though you resist its spell
Have you ever known
Yourself to be lost
From something that wasn’t remotely worth the cost?
And do you dream a little girl’s dream
You can’t forget?
Spread yourself out too far, yet too thin
Across these roads
And only you care that these roads you take?
Have you fought for freedom
Of the kind you’ve never seen?
Do you desire to live in
A world where hope is never driven
Out so readily, so carelessly, on the bitterest of winds?
And have you ever stopped to wonder
Why your heart won’t be let in?
And it’s so hard to let it beat again
When the light translates to darkness
That darkness a reflection of imperfection
You just can’t help but be
Have you ever longed for love
Watched tortuously, as it waved to you
Far out at sea?
Have you ever cried for
The loss of those passionate souls?
Please let me dream
There are still more left to know…

Carrie Gilbert 2012


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