I Won’t Give In

I won’t give in
Though the chaos has me surrounded
I’ve been in this fight all of my life
Though with this light I fought to win
My heart has been swollen and compounded
And temporary conclusions have left me confounded

I won’t give in
Even though you love to remind me I can’t forget
Perspective doesn’t let you erase scars of what has been
At least I’ve gained enough understanding
To recognize misery’s eyes before they close me in
Memory, you wage this war against me that I may never win
Still you can’t take hostage these beautiful dreams
I’ve revitalized my soul with and envisioned myself in

I won’t give in
Your heart is black on blue
How has my own forgotten I’m a survivor through and through?
Maybe love isn’t left to be desired for me only yet to be discovered
The passion insisting to break through the fear
Yet to be uncovered
I’m encumbered with the miles that pass by too slowly
Trying to hold onto the faith

I won’t give in
Though the chaos has me surrounded…

Carrie Gilbert 2011


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