You lift me up and pull me in
With music that speaks from the soul
You reach me in unexpected refrains
Melody of the chorus to release all doubt
I think I’ll never stand again and then
You believe, and I can’t help the believing
Of a life that means so much more than I ever conceived

You take my hand through lyrical memory
When I can’t find my tears
You allow them to fall within the waves of verse
Three voices to release me
Oh, now I’m drenched in the peace of harmonies
I feel through these notes, know I will be okay
That perhaps I can shine almost as brightly as you
If I pursue the passions as they burn
Don’t wait until they’ve died out

You lift me up and pull me in
With music that gives me hope and bravery to be everything
You ever sing I can…

Carrie Gilbert 2011


Rare Diamond in the Sky

If I could tell myself
Only recent years gone by
How much it would confuse me
Just through the strain compound me
I might not have lost the willingness
To love like I was
A rare diamond in the sky
A rare diamond in the sky
Such a sweet and precious star
For incredible to find

After a long and laboured fight
Brought to their knees beneath the moonlight
Unblinking should this pass them by
A rare diamond in the sky

If I could save myself
Embrace the moment that I’m in
Embody the blessings of my journey so fortunate
I might not breathe with wearied hesitation
When I think of my desire so strong and long to wait again
Believe the stars too far from my reach
Rather I’d remember, how to dream because I love to dream

Somehow I must find out why I let myself hide
Somehow allow myself to love
Like I was
A rare diamond in the sky…

Carrie Gilbert 2011

Delightful Unknown

She wanders in what she silently knows
Reasons with herself why she can’t raise her hopes
And the skies are still and the ocean flows
Slow like a familiar song that has carried her through
The changes, the tears, strange nights thinking of someone who
Her eyes have never met, but her heart knows
And today is another time in the same old place
She still strives to rise above
Claim her home and comprehend the strange depths of her love
And she wonders if patience ever runs out of time
And how long will the emotions she carries stay locked inside
Before they understand the intensity of this light
Enough to show her where she needs to go?
Or will she forever be an echo, only heard way down below?

She wanders in what she silently knows
And steadies her heart, carries herself uncertainly, yet gracefully
Towards a delightful unknown…

Carrie Gilbert 2011

In the Darkness

There is nothing in the darkness
No desire for chasing light
And in the moment you cannot define it
This lacking of a passion lasting past one tiny spark
You’re only aware of your insignificance placed against the sky
And how your searching heart would hope until hoping dies
Such an unworthy pain
Though strong enough to keep you sane
A coat of dreams to wear against lacklustre days
So you don’t realize the wish you made
Remains part of a story on a missing page
And you could stay this way and life and love never change
Why do memories remain and stain long past the end?
I find and lose myself far too often
And I don’t know when I’m pretending
Or when my heart is speaking

There is nothing in the darkness
No desire for chasing light

Carrie Gilbert 2011

Red Leaves

Red leaves in their essence, they hold me
Revealing the real me
Orange leaves stir my passion, leave me longing for feeling
If I can’t be me, these skies won’t ease
The trees dance with a music only I can see
When I let go
I have to let go…
Red leaves in your essence
Embrace me
And remember the way I used to believe…

Carrie Gilbert 2011

Tipped Over the Moon

I tipped over the moon for you
But you will never see it
I held on too long
To what I shouldn’t have believed in
I’ve never known your face or that your place
In imagination meant never to be real
Now as my tired feet make their way home
My heart is beating as I return hope
To the star where I found it
The star that never was

I tipped over the moon for you
How I wanted you to see it
I overtook my weakness for you
So you might not believe it
Waiting to find you on the other side
I tipped over the moon and tripped over my pride
I’m only trying to accept how I must remain
Alone in the world, love a fairy tale, used to keep me sane
Nothing more…

Carrie Gilbert 2011