Passion infused with passion
We stand together through the miles
Our souls speak until we break into light
To leave us in the beautiful silence
In this moment here
We are unbroken by fear
Uncovering the essence
Of our purest selves
And the past is forgotten through the words we release this
Need to be more than we are

…we don’t see the stars resting beneath our hearts
Too much time we have spent our fighting souls
When to breathe is the only way to rescue
Our fearful, fleeting minds
In the wake of wishes unfulfilled
Let us not give in to hopeless sighs
Let us live as though the world turned through our eyes
No longer try to forget
All we have to share
The gifts through which we turn our love
Let me live for my own heart
For no one else can leave the same shape…

Carrie Gilbert 2011


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