One More Mile

One more mile and I break away
Hard to believe I could find strength at the place
Where I lost it
But the length of my transgression
Has torn me into pieces that have nowhere to go
No choice but to hide in the stillness
Until they are led into
Purposeful direction

I’ve attempted to shun my own words
For fear of them feeling different
Wafting in the lazy tones of the unaccomplished
A recluse like me
Satisfying nothing
Not even my loneliness
None of them I conjure could fade a state
This used to being

11:11 and my wishes are quiet
Softly encouraging the edges of hope
That forgotten time
I both long and fear returning to
I only want to regain courage
Revisit with determination
Because where reassurance is absent
I can make no amends to myself

Where is that girl, with nothing but her words
Wrapped around the night
Daring to paint her existence for unknown eyes?

Carrie Gilbert 2011


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