Faithless Believe

Take away this earth beneath my feet
Shift innocence and tears together meet
Waiting on emotions to coincide
Take away beauty as pictured from the inside
Swallow the fears before they wash in with the tide

Shape my hands into a sacred prayer
Leave presence and lose this to the ocean air
Hold my heart for all unknown that it may keep
And your perception might turn reflected in those waters murky deep
If you can blindly see, then I can faithless believe

Leave my sleep to incomprehensible words
Only heard by heart; fighting to be heard
Letting go is as restless as the wind
A highly spirited chasing, fascinating friend
Captivating in the eye of the storm; enrapturing


Several shades of tranquility rising up
Joining hands with a single shade of disappearance

…leaves you to the unknown
And delivers you unwillingly into the forgotten…

Carrie Gilbert 2010


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