Soul Silencer

You wait it out
And you pretend
Try to speak like I’m already broken
I sometimes forget I am
A silent storm that will be
Such a quiet reckoning
I wait for release
Yet I don’t want to be
A soul hesitating

Soul silencer
Could you be more the wiser
Than I am?
So long since I last looked inside
And I fear there’s nothing left
Soul silencer
Seems you’ve forgotten me
But they remember clearly
They remember clearly
How much love I have to give
How much strength’s a part of me

Don’t look over your shoulder
Yesterday only grows colder
With shame I forget when I want to remember
A full heart shouldn’t be a concept of fear
For all the words I can no longer hear
I cry for pain to fill their waking absence
Sharp in my heart of sadness

Soul silencer
The disguise of my eyes transparently unclear
You are a voice unheard of
As I prepare to turn away and turn back around to love
Soul silencer
The clouds above me are starting to part

For what makes a soul silencer think
They could ever destroy a heart?

Carrie Gilbert 2010


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