She breaks through my silence
Wakes me from my plaguing thoughts
A reminder in the quiet space removed from what is not
To a soul who forgot to remember she is loved
She is love not as something you need to find
Rather love lived, love sacrificed, love survived
A reminder of love exemplified

Soul seeking returned to weeping
I wake with eyes closed at times
Afraid to welcome old thoughts
For fear they’re not really mine
With the guidance to show her
Takes no words to really know her
I was given the light

She breaks through the darkness
Young warrior woman
My reason to fight through this abyss
Shrinking from me with every tear drop and strength’s kiss
Gave it all when she thought she couldn’t see
Held a hand, holding a soul to live a dream
Gave the gift that was her light

A reminder of love exemplified…

Carrie Gilbert 2010


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