She breaks through my silence
Wakes me from my plaguing thoughts
A reminder in the quiet space removed from what is not
To a soul who forgot to remember she is loved
She is love not as something you need to find
Rather love lived, love sacrificed, love survived
A reminder of love exemplified

Soul seeking returned to weeping
I wake with eyes closed at times
Afraid to welcome old thoughts
For fear they’re not really mine
With the guidance to show her
Takes no words to really know her
I was given the light

She breaks through the darkness
Young warrior woman
My reason to fight through this abyss
Shrinking from me with every tear drop and strength’s kiss
Gave it all when she thought she couldn’t see
Held a hand, holding a soul to live a dream
Gave the gift that was her light

A reminder of love exemplified…

Carrie Gilbert 2010



You are not forsaken
Although you cannot waken
So quiet your saddest song
In your darkest moment, you are strong

You’d rather close your eyes
Then try to believe
They don’t know why you hide
Still I can see, your silent need

When the sun comes out
A little too brightly
And the hours bring about
The tears you’re fighting

Don’t you see?
No you don’t see
Because you won’t breathe
You won’t let it be

You are not forsaken
Although your heart keeps breaking
For some old time melody
In your darkest moment, you long to be

You say you’re never free
Too much was taken from you
You ask me why believe
When the chains could still restrain you

A heart forsaken
I pray to waken…

Carrie Gilbert 2010

Let Me

Slipping beneath the dark light
Reflected in my own eyes
Love let me change
Don’t let me break
The silence won’t let me wake
And I try to believe, try to conceive
Those stars outside will let me breathe
Though I still separate myself
There’s so much I know I don’t see
But I swear I’m still fighting

Slipping beneath the bright light
Unable to bear its beauty
Love let me go
Don’t haunt me so
The music won’t let me partake
And I try but I’m blind from the shine you stole from my eyes
Sweet possessions I shared were never yours they were mine
Though tonight I forget myself
I smile where they can’t see
The truth is I’m tired of fighting…

Carrie Gilbert 2010

The Fight

I feel something’s so wrong
I live in this and it’s taking me over
Underneath a song
I fight until the ache is over
I long to be
Done and over with
I long to see
My love for all its worth
May not be much
What I really need
Is your guidance through this dream
Please set me free
Make me want to breathe
I feel so safe in empty

I am held in by the wind
And yet I’m not in one place
Scattering, I recklessly spin
My smile gone without a trace
Wishing there was liberty
From loving on so endlessly
Nothing is ever the same
Though I’ve grown stronger from change
I cease to feed this need for escape
Still I wonder if a lifetime it takes
To persist and resist the fall
I still see your face in among the stars and I
Hurt the most when I remember why
Let the light hold me close to remind me I am fine
I live in this and it’s taking me over
Underneath a song
I fight for darkness to be over
I long to be
Better, stronger and bolder

I am love in its purest form…

Carrie Gilbert 2010

If Together

If together we
Remember how we once were free
And part the clouds
Be true to all we see
If together we
Give our hearts from worlds away
Find the star we each can reach
To shine a little light into a night built for change
If together we
Can keep these threads of hope alive
Triumphant we’ll emerge
From tragedy’s wake
And though so many cry
Fight one other, afraid to die
If together we
Cherish the little miracles in our lives
And take no more for granted
Maybe we can win if we just find
The soul made strength within us
If together we
Pray for relief to each suffering heart
If together we
Join in love forever
Forget how to hate
Then together we will have found
There’s no better place to start…

Carrie Gilbert 2010

Where I Stand

Where I stand
I cannot move from
From heart open
To heart frozen
So much unknown
So much unspoken
Where I stand
The thoughts choking
I cannot breathe
I cannot speak at all
Where I stand
Faith is unsteady
Dreams consume me
And the fear swallows me whole
Where I stand
I turn and run
There’s too much I’ll never know
Where I stand
I’m too broken
I’ve forgotten
I’m so small

Carrie Gilbert 2010

Lost in Time

You don’t have to be lost in time
You of patient devotion
For all the world you tried
And hid your best emotions
And now your silence speaks
With all the fury that couldn’t be felt
You don’t have to stay so frozen
A fragile one who can’t be helped

You don’t have to be lost in time
You of faithful heart
Leave this hurt behind the horizon line
Before it captures all you are
For while you’re lost in time
Your world, she slips away slowly
You don’t have to believe the lies that blind your sight
For in letting go, you can still dream

You don’t have to be lost in time
Erase the shadows before they follow you
There lies beauty of another kind
Another kind you have yet to dream of
Reflect the rainbows you chase inside
You don’t have to bleed with the words you write
For they will soar from you…leaving peaceful delights

You only need to be found in the night…

Carrie Gilbert 2010