London Rain

London rain falls differently
It feels like drops of fog on my shoulders
Its rhythm is slow and unassuming
Capturing each little second of solace
A million different words for what beautiful is
A welcome patter to the pattern made
From the weaving of memories who have stayed
Dearest friends ever since I went
Since I continued along my journey and yet
I miss how those raindrops surrounded me
And released me momentarily from wondering sorrowfully
Although not bright they lit up my sight
And invited those lights of a enchanted England night

London rain falls differently
I reflect on the jewels of wisdom street by street
All the faces of strength are shown to me
And my own is redefined
Taken by the moon in an attempt to rise beyond this night
A solid and unshaken brilliant rising sight
I know now, how to hold on…holding nothing in
I seek the lessons though I cannot define them
I believe in every hope we have not yet reached
London rain falls differently
It took me a little while to see…

Carrie Gilbert 2009


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